25 Years!!

Here we are 25 years since it all began.  Our first decision was to make a breed choice.  After studying the strengths and weaknesses of several breeds, we felt that the Gelbvieh Breed had more to offer to compliment other breeds through a Cross Breeding system than any other breed.  After 25 years, we still feel that way today.

We started by purchasing 10 cows at the Double E Dispersal and the following year we had 3 bulls to sell.  We were so excited, Harvey Virchow bought two bulls and Darwin Reindl bought one.   And so the journey began.
We shouldn’t have to wait for 25 years to reflect but we all do.  So here we go.  Seems like I can remember something from each and every sale.  Most of those memories involve many of you, our customers.  And many of the memories involve our family.  I can remember the name of the first cow of each of the kids.  Blake’s was “Beagley”, Nikki’s was “G718” and Christian’s was “Baby Doll.”   Pam had to chuckle when I mentioned the names of their first cow.  These were great memories and these were all good cows.  It was hard to take these three cows to town.

After our first sale, we had several joint sales with Double E Gelbvieh, Goldux  Gelbvieh and Mettler Gelbvieh before we had enough numbers to have our own sale.  In the years to follow, we had several guest consigners:  Hill & Dale Farms, Eisenbraun Gelbvieh, Sannes Stock Farm, Thull Gelbvieh and Dad & Mom. These were all great relationships and we mutually benefited from each other.  We also had a silent partnership with a Very Good friend, Roger Baruth, who came to me one day and asked if he could put his registered Gelbvieh cows on Shares with our children.  This was just the bump we needed at the time.  There were also many others, too numerous to mention, that have had a positive influence on our success.  Advice was needed and always welcomed.

When we started, we didn’t have the money to buy a Top Herd Sire so we had to rely exclusively on AI.  I remember after we sold our first 3 bulls, Grandpa said, “Now I understand why you walk your cows a mile to breed them.”  I didn’t realize until that moment how crazy that must have looked.

Most importantly, all of our hard work wouldn’t have the meaning that it does today without you our customers.  We have grown from the humble beginnings of 10 cows to the 14th largest in the Gelbvieh Breed today.  You and many of your parents believed in us and kept coming back.  Now you are here and we will continue to work hard to continue to earn your business and your friendship.

As we move into the next 25 years, I would walk a mile for a cow again (a little slower), we look forward to the name of the first cow of our grandchildren and we truly value the friendships and patronage of you.

I hope you will come on March 6th, 2017 and celebrate the moment with us.  Bring and share a memory.   We will have cake!