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History of Hojer Gelbvieh & Balancer Ranch

Hojer Family
Left to right: Nikki & Michael, Daniel & Liam; Christian & Amanda, Bryson; Pam & Alan; Blake & Jenn, Jace (beside Pam) & Jaden (Jenn’s lap) insert: Rhett

Hojer Gelbvieh & Balancer Ranch is located near Lake Preston a rural farming community in east-central South Dakota. Lake Preston is approximately 90 miles northwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Ranch is also located five miles from Laura Ingalls homestead outside of De Smet, SD.

Hojer Gelbvieh & Balancer Ranch was established in 1991 with the purchase of ten Gelbvieh females from Double E Gelbvieh at their dispersal sale. Through our intense breeding program, it has since grown to 300 plus Registered Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle. Hojer Gelbvieh & Balancer Ranch takes pride in their honesty and integrity, which has helped them become a leader in the breed.

A bull sale is held each March. Stop by any time, visitors are always welcome.



Hojer Gelbvieh Ranch: Performance genetics for tomorrow...
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Nikki, Christian and Blake Hojer with their state fair show string. The trio works with younger 4-H members and cousins to help them get started showing cattle, and those are their projects.


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